Delete a User / Group

To delete a user or group, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account using your Username and Password.
  2. Click  Users in the left side menu.

  3. Select the user or group you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete.
    You can select multiple users or groups to delete in one click.
  5. Click Delete again to confirm.


If unable to delete a user, you can try the following steps:

  1. In order to prevent unintended loss of data the system will throw an error if the user has files remaining in their home folder or in shares. Ensure the user's files have all been deleted, and remove access to shared folders:
    1. Login as the user that you are attempting to delete
    2. Download a copy of any files that you want to keep
    3. Delete all files the user has uploaded in their home folder and in shares
      You can find a file's creator/uploader listed in the small print next to the file name
    4. Empty the Trash Bin (if there is one)
    5. Click on Shares and note the folders that are shared with the user
    6. Log out
    7. Log in as an administrator
    8. Browse to the folders noted in Step 1e and unshare them with the user
    9. Edit the user and click Groups
    10. Remove any group memberships and click Save
    11. Try deleting the user again
    12. (Optional) Re-upload any files from Step 1b under your administrator account
  2. Depending on the use-case you may not wish to delete anything. In this case you can repurpose the account:
    1. Edit the user account
    2. Enter a new username, email, display name, and password
    3. Confirm the password and click Save
    4. Click Groups
    5. Update the user's group memberships as needed and Save
    6. Log out of your administrator account
    7. Log in with the new username and password to verify it works
  3. If unresolved, submit a support request with the username you need to have deleted

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