Advanced User Access Permissions (Legacy Sites)

Updated 2 years ago by John Hurley

This only works for site that were created before June 2018.

By default your site gives users access to everything when you create their account. These steps will switch that so they are denied everything and you give them access.

  1. Go to Users tab.
  2. Select user.
  3. Click edit user.
  4. Click Permissions.
  5. Select all the permissions and click Update.
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Access
  8. Click right on the letters for (User Home)
  9. Select the check box next to "Disable permission inheritance for all contents"
  10. Click Save.
  11. Go back into Access.
  12. Click on the + next to (User Home)
  13. Click on the folder name you want give the user access to.
  14. Click the check box next to each permission you want that user to have for that folder.
Repeat step 14 for each folder the user should have access to.
  1. Click Save.

Now the user should only see the folder you have given them access to.

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