Pre-Install Checklist

Updated 3 weeks ago by James Dunn

Before beginning your installation of the FileHub Virtual Appliance, you will need the following information at-hand:

  1. The internal IP Address the appliance will be using (E.g.
  2. The Default Gateway IP Address the appliance will be using (E.g.
  3. The IP Subnet Mask the appliance will be using (E.g.
  4. Primary and Secondary DNS Server IP Addresses (E.g.,
  5. The public IP Address to be used for Network Address Translation (NAT)
    You can skip this if it will not be available on the internet.
  6. Choose the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to be used for the server address (E.g.
    Obtain an SSL certificate for this domain from a trusted vendor. It will be used to secure HTTPS and FTPS connections.

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