Network Configuration From Console

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Login to the Console of the Appliance

You will need to open a console session to the appliance for your hyper-visor of choice.

Log in with the local admin credentials you were provided in the Kickoff. 

If you don't have the username and password, Contact Support and we'll assist you.

Configure Networking

You can use either a DHCP assigned address or a static IP (recommended). If you are uncomfortable setting up networking in Ubuntu follow the below steps. 

From the console, enter the following commands based on your needs:

sudo smash

  • To check current settings: 
  • To set the system to use DHCP: 
    network dhcp
  • To set a static IP: 
    network static <address> <subnet> <gateway> <dns>
  • To see a list of all options:
    network help
  • exit smash with 

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