Installing the SSL Certificate

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Login to the FileHub Appliance Manager

The FileHub Appliance manager is accessed at https://<your-appliance-ip-or-hostname>:9002
If you don't know the username and password, please Contact Support and we'll assist you.


Visit the HTTP SSL Section of the Appliance Manager


You will only need to fill out one of the following sections

  • Domain Cert
  • Self Signed Cert
  • Certificate Authority

The Domain Cert Tab is for certificates that are pre-generated; this may include but is not limited to wildcard certificates. The Self Signed Tab will generate a self-signed cert, this is typically the least preferred route. The Cert Authority tab will help you work with your internal or external certificate authority by generating a CSR that you can then use to secure your appliance. 

Here you also have the ability to have the FileHub appliance trust a CA Certificate under the Trusted CA Cert tab. Organizations with their own Certificate Authority should add their CA.crt to this section.

After changing the SSL Certificate or adding a Trusted CA an appliance restart is required.

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