Appliance Manager Configuration

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Login to the FileHub Appliance Manager

The FileHub Appliance manager is accessed at https://<your-appliance-ip-or-hostname>:9002
If you don't know the username and password, please Contact Support and we'll assist you.


The configuration tab will take you through the settings needed for basic functionality. 


  • Hostname: This is the name the application will use. It should be set to the URL you have chosen. 
  • IP Address: This is the IP address matching the DNS record used in the Hostname field of the appliance. It is used for FTP/SFTP to ensure NAT is handled properly.
  • External FTP IP Address: This is typically the same as IP Address; however, it can be different if the appliance has an internal IP and ports are being forwarded from an external IP address via a router. 
The settings under the System tab should not need to be changed unless SmartFile Support has directed you to update them. 
After adjusting any settings on the page perform a restart on the appliance. 

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