Delete a File / Folder

To delete a file or folder, follow the steps below:

Quick Tip: To delete a specific file/folder, click the advanced options icon to the far right of file name and then click Delete.
  1. Log in to your account using your Username and Password.
  2. Navigate to and select the file you want to delete. 

  3. Click Delete in the top menu.

  4. Click Delete again to confirm. 


If unable to delete a folder or file, you can try the following steps:

  1. Sometimes one stubborn file can prevent a folder from being deleted because it is "not empty". In this case the solution is to:
    1. Go into the folder by clicking the folder name
    2. Click Select All
    3. Click Delete
    4. Repeat for any subfolders that remain
    5. Go back up to the parent folder and try deleting it again
  2. If you are not the original creator/uploader you may not have permissions to delete this.
    1. The server will return an HTTP Error 403 Forbidden in this case
      1. However you may not see this error unless you have the web browser's developer tools open to the network tab when making the request
    2. You can check the small print next to the file name for the username of the file owner/uploader
    3. Login with this account to delete it if you have access, or...
      1. If you know this user, you can request they delete it on your behalf.
      2. Ask your site administrator to delete it
  3. If the folder name contains any special characters:
    1. Try renaming the folder without those characters
    2. Then try to delete again
  4. In some rare cases, when a folder or file is deleted, its metadata persists in the database, and you will see a "ghost file"
    1. You can tell it's a ghost file when you attempt to open it and are redirected to a Gitshare API Page showing Error 404 "Path not found"
    2. In this case the solution is to create a folder and/or upload a file with the exact same name (case sensitive)
    3. Then try to delete it again. That should remove the metadata from the database.
  5. If none of the above has worked, submit a support request including the following details:
    1. The full path to the folder or file
    2. The username you are using to delete
    3. Screenshot of any error message you receive
    4. The date and time of the latest error, with the time zone
    5. Any steps you have already taken

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