Upgrading to the Contemporary Platform

Updated 6 months ago by James Dunn

The Database Filesystem feature was made available in 2018 and has fully matured. No longer considered new, but standard with all new sites since 2020. This feature is the core of what we now call the Contemporary Platform.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Performance gains in directory listing with large folders (500+ items)
  • Performance gains in automated FTP processes that use directory listings for confirmation
  • Performance gains in move/copy operations (rename)
  • Simplified sharing permissions to be more user-friendly and accident-proof
  • Access to new features
  • Post upgrade re-configuration of user home folders and shares
  • Permissions are simpler, though not as granular

Upgrade Path:

While there is no additional cost for this feature, we are unable to upgrade a site while it has customer data on it.

  1. (Optional) Sign up for a new free trial site to demo the new features.
  2. Download a copy of any files you want to keep
  3. Delete all files from the site
  4. Log out
  5. Submit a support request letting us know you're ready to upgrade.
  6. The upgrade takes only a few minutes. We'll update your ticket when it's ready.
  7. Log in
  8. Upload your files
  9. Onboard users (Starting at step 3)
Your site is now successfully upgraded to the Contemporary Platform.

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