Unknown Host Key

Updated 3 years ago by James Dunn

On January 27th, 2020, we upgraded our encryption keys to 4096-bit RSA. You may see one of the following SSH host key fingerprints:

SHA256:npYmj8dqQjp3XqH1VVlOSjW2CbcSrt43bXDMzNXkKxs , MD5:8e:15:c8:81:c2:1f:23:a2:64:82:76:40:8c:12:58:40
SHA256:g+kpwxVcKZAqFFbwpG/c44yACwMzzEENQlKN4EzQRO4, MD5:b8:65:5e:f5:e0:9f:0d:83:9e:3d:da:b0:fb:12:b0:68

If you received a warning in your FileZilla client about an "Unknown host key", verify it matches one of the above, check the checkbox to save the key, and click OK. Then resume normal use.

If you use a command line SFTP client, you may receive the warning below instead. To acknowledge and accept our new security key, type yes when you have verified the key fingerprint matches one of the above.

If you use scripts to automate your file transfers, you will need to manually intervene by logging in once on the system running your scripts and accepting the new security key using one of the above methods (i.e. type yes or click OK).

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