Onboarding Users

Updated 5 months ago by James Dunn

In our contemporary platform all users begin with a private home folder, but this is not desirable for every use-case. For example, when dealing with external users you may wish to disable the home folder to avoid confusion about where files are to be uploaded.

Returning customers may recall being able to set a user's home directory to a certain folder the traditional platform. While is no longer possible in the contemporary platform, a similar result can be achieved by disabling the home folder and sharing the desired folder(s) with the user or group.

Here's how to set up a user in a folder so that you can see everything as the administrator, but users can only access certain folders:

  1. Create a user if they do not have one already
  2. Create a folder under your admin account if you do not have one already
  3. Share the desired folder with the user
  4. Edit the user and remove the home folder 
  5. Test login on the web interface, and accept the terms so they can use FTP
    1. Password self-reset if needed or
    2. Edit the user's password directly with your admin account
    3. Upload a file and download it
  6. Test login via secure FTP using FileZilla
    1. Choose either
      1. FTPS on port 21 
      2. SFTP on port 22 
    2. Server address/hostname: What is my Server Address or Hostname?
    3. Username & password: (created in Step 1)
    4. Go to the shares folder
      1. Or set the default remote directory to save time
    5. Upload a file and download it in the FTP client
    6. If everything works, you are all set!
      1. If you encounter any issues, try our Recommended FTP Client Settings.
      2. If that doesn't help, submit a support request.

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