Low on Space?

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If you run out of disk space on your account, you will unfortunately not be able to upload any more files, and the system will send a 402 error response to upload requests. However, your existing files will still be accessible.

In this situation your options for enabling upload again are:

Cleaning Up Files

Here's the recommended strategy for freeing up space on your site:

  1. You can use the WebDAV service with a disk analysis tool to visualize your storage and create usage reports. Here's how:
    1. Map a network drive to your site
    2. Download and install WinDirStat with the default options
      This was originally a Windows application, but has been ported to macOS (GrandPerspective) and Linux (kdirstat/qdirstat). Export options differ between these.
    3. Start a new scan and select the new network drive you created
      1. This does not normally take more than a few minutes
      2. The animated Pac-man next to each folder will disappear once all of its subdirectories have been fully traversed
      3. When the scan is complete you will see a visual representation of the data with lots of colorful blocks. You can click on them to navigate quickly, or browse the directory tree listing.
      4. Beginning with the largest, identify any areas that can be cleaned up, and delete
        1. The file list will be sorted largest to smallest in each directory
        2. The section on the right shows the most common file types on top, and serves as a color-coded legend
        3. Files can be deleted directly from within the program or you right click to Open in Explorer
          Deleted files will not go to the Recycle Bin on your desktop.
    4. Refresh the results and repeat as needed
    5. (Optional) Export the results to .CSV for reporting purposes
  2. Empty your Trash Bin
  3. Empty other users' Trash Bins
  4. Allow up to 12 hours for quota to reflect your changes
    Uploading a small file will trigger its folder's size to be recalulated.

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