3rd Party Client Support

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We officially support several open web protocols for data transfer, as defined by their RFC standards:

Standard Name




Specification Reference

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)




RFC959, RFC2228, RFC2389, RFC2640, RFC3659, RFC5797

Transport Layer Security (SSL)


ftps:// https://

21, 443, 990

RFC5246, RFC88446, RFC8996

HyperText Transfer Protocol (WWW)




RFC7230, RFC7231, RFC7232, RFC7233, RFC7234, RFC7235, RFC2585, RFC7615, RFC7616, RFC7617, RFC7540

Secure Shell (SSH)




RFC4250, RFC4251, RFC4252, RFC4253, RFC4254, RFC4255, RFC4256, RFC4335, RFC4344, RFC4345, RFC4419, RFC4432, RFC4462, RFC4716, RFC4819, RFC5647, RFC5656, RFC6187, RFC6239, RFC6594, RFC6668, RFC7479, RFC8160, RFC8270, RFC8308, RFC8332

SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)




Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol - IETF Draft

WebDAV (Network Drive)


https:// davs://


RFC4918, RFC3253, RFC5323, RFC4437, RFC3648, RFC3744

Unicode (utf-8)




RFC5198, RFC2640

Representational State Transfer (REST API)




RFC6585, RFC7396, RFC7523, RFC6902, RFC7464, RFC6249, RFC7240, RFC7807, RFC7644, RFC6573, RFC6749, RFC6750, RFC8594, RFC8288

Client implementations of the above are numerous and varying in their interpretations of the spec, and contain bugs like all software does. Therefore, we are not able to officially support them or guarantee compatibility. However, we will make a best effort attempt when:

  1. The end user can provide logs
    1. Timestamped within the last 7 days
    2. Verbose or debug mode enabled (ideally)
  2. The client software or library is the latest version available
    1. A free copy may be obtained for testing
  3. The client is in regular use on at least 3 different sites

3rd Party Support Categories

Officially Supported

Includes the web interface, Outlook plugin, and the above protocols.

Unofficially Supported Free Software

Tested working in the current version, though not all features are supported. Please update prior to contacting suppport.

Known Incompatible Versions

Please upgrade or use a different client. Security patch and/or bugfixes needed.

Unofficially Supported Commercial Clients and Platforms

We have limited ability to test nonfree clients. May be used in conjunction with services but is out of scope of support and untested. Integrator services may employ Known Incompatible Versions of free software for compatibillity with legacy systems. Please contact their support first, and ask for verbose/debug logs.

Not recommended

Tested working, but has efficiency and/or security limitations.

Known Incompatible Free

No longer maintained or supported by its developers.

Unsupported Free Software

May be used in conjunction with services but is out of scope of support. Not regularly tested.

Unsupported Commercial Clients and Platforms

Known to be incompatible and unresolvable or untestable.

Unofficially Supported Free Software:

  • FileZilla: We test with this client most frequently, as it has the widest adoption of GUI clients, and looks and behaves the same on all platforms (PC, Mac, & Linux). Here are the recommended settings.
  • WinSCP: This is used by a number of IT pros in Microsoft Windows shops. Its primary functionality is in SCP file transfers but it can also do SFTP reliably with some configuration.
  • PuTTY (psftp): A command-line tool for SFTP automation, also commonly used by IT pros in Microsoft Windows shops due to its ubiquitous nature achieved by its GUI counterpart replacing the native terminal emulator and telnet client.
    We do not allow interactive logon (shell access) but SFTP is permitted.
  • Cyberduck (duck.sh): A GUI and CLI client for Mac OS (macOS) that can be used as a utility knife of the cloud. It supports S3 like buckets, Dropbox, and other Cloud APIs for file hosting in addition to traditional FTP(S) and SFTP connections. The minimalistic Cyberduck GUI lacks in logging verbosity for troubleshooting FTP(S) and SFTP issues effectively, but generally works OK for transferring files.
  • sftp (BSD, native system command): Included by most Linux distros and macOS.
    To enable verbose logging, add the flag -vvv to your command.
  • JSCH versions 0.1.58 and later, available on Github.
  • cURL (curl.se): A popular open source command-line tool for web and file transfer testing and automation. cURL is the Lowest Common Denominator web client which can be used for demonstrating and testing the REST API functionality. Available in Linux via package manager and macOS via homebrew.
    sudo apt install curl
    brew install curl
    Web browsers' developer tools can translate your web request into a cURL command by right clicking it under the network tab. We encourage using this method to look under the hood of our web interface when building your own thing with our REST API.

Known Incompatible Versions (please upgrade):

  • IBM Sterling File Gateway 2.2.X: Uses j2ssh-maverick for SFTP which does not meet our security requirements for SSH. Support from IBM ended in 2021. It is currently unknown if the next and latest version 6.1 is compatible (please send logs if you have version 6.1 or higher).
  • JSCH versions 0.1.55 and earlier
  • Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro 12.7 and earlier

Unofficially Supported Commercial Clients and Platforms:

  • IBM AS/400 mainframes (patched, no ASCII mode)
  • Celigo SFTP and FTPS connectors (unencrypted FTP does not work)
  • Ipswitch MoveIT
  • Workday SFTP and FTPS connectors
  • ftp (CLI) Windows' native FTP command is extremely inefficient and insecure as it only supports unencrypted active mode FTP and can only transfer one file at a time.

Known Incompatible Free Software

  • j2ssh-maverick: abandoned/sunset project (no update in 7+yrs on github)
  • SmartFTP: abandoned/sunset project (unavailable for download)

Unsupported Free Software

  • lftp: Can be used to mirror data between SFTP servers. Available in Linux via package manager and macOS via homebrew.
    sudo apt install lftp
    brew install lftp
    While this is open source and widely used, it should be noted that the developer of lftp is an individual and citizen of Russia. Bear that in mind before installing if your company has policies or compliance concerns regarding foreign software sources.
  • OpenPGP: This can be used before upload and after download to encrypt and decrypt files.
  • sshfs: This can be used to mount a remote SFTP folder in Linux.
  • SSH.NET: This open source library has been unmaintained for a few years. We recommend using the REST API instead.
  • SmartFile <language> SDK: This open source library has been unmaintained for many years. It was made obsolete by the REST API and we recommend using that instead.
  • WinDirStat: This can be used to visualize a network drive.

Unsupported Commercial Clients and Platforms

  • Dell Boomi: Uses JSCH 0.1.55 and earlier for SFTP which do not meet our security requirements for SSH
  • Internet Explorer: Support from Microsoft ended in 2022, activated IE killswitch on 2/14/2023. Please use Edge instead.
  • Snaplogic (integrator.io): Uses an unknown SFTP client/library that does not meet our security requirements for SSH
  • Enfocus Switch: Depends on the optional FTP Extension MDTM which our servers do not currently implement. Using SFTP should be possible but this has not been confirmed.
  • Tectia (ssh.com): A unique SSH implementation, claims to have invented the SSH protocol. Despite this, Tectia clients are only intended to work with Tectia servers per their support documentation.
  • VisualCron: A file transfer automation tool, with a client and server component. Non-free with a steep learning curve and brief trial period with UI/UX design issues limiting testablity. We never got this to work.

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