Add a Network Location (FTP)

To add a network location using FTP, follow the steps below:

This process is completed outside of your online account
  1. Open Windows/File Explorer from the Start menu on your computer desktop.
  2. Navigate to Computer/This PC.
  3. Click Add a network location in the top menu.
  4. Follow the Network Location Wizard:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Click Choose a custom network location and click Next. 
    3. Type into the Internet or network address box.

    4. Click to uncheck the box next to Log on anonymously to type your Username and click Next. 
    5. Type a name for your network location inside the text box and click Next.
    6. Click Finish.
      Once connected, a new window will open asking for credentials.
  5. Log in with your account Username and Password.

  6. Click Log On. 
    A new window will open showing your files and folders. You can view your new network drive listed under Network locations.

You have now added a network location using FTP.

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