Adding a CNAME Using Domain Direct

Updated 3 years ago by John Hurley

  1. Go to, click my account and log in to your domain.
  2. On the Domain tab, click Advanced Settings.
  3. Click Edit Zone File. Note: Do not delete the A record for "*" and "" or you will have problems later.
  4. Under CNAME, add entries for "calendar," "docs," and "start." Or any custom URL that
    you've chosen. (ex:
  5. Point each of them to

Additional information:

  1. Return to the DomainDirect control panel and click Domain Forwarding. Set it to forward all www requests to If you don't do this, someone typing in a web browser will get an error message instead of reaching any pages you have at
  2. Disable the URL Keeper feature. Note: Subdomain forwarding ‐‐ which you can set up on this page ‐‐ will still continue to work.

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