Add an Email Alert

To add an email alert to a user, group or file/folder path, follow the steps below:

    Quick Tip: To add an email alert to a specific file/folder, click the advanced options icon to the far right of the file name, and then click Notify.
  1. Log in to your account using your Username and Password.
  2. Click    Automation in the left side menu. 

  3. Click New Rule in the top menu.

  4. Complete Step 1 - Rule Definition
    1. Rule Name: create a name for this alert.
    2. Type of Rule: choose to make an alert for a user, group or file/folder path.

  5. Complete Step 2 - Automated Actions.
    1. Click Add New Action.

    2. Click Available Actions.

    3. Select Notify (Email).

    4. Click the box below Notify Options - Who? to select a user to alert via email.
      Some users may not receive a notification if they do not have permission to access the path.
    5. Optional: Click the box next to Delay this action? to set how many days/hours/minutes to delay email alerts. 

  6. Click Save Rule.

You have now created an email alert.

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