Add a Move or Copy Rule

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To create a rule to automatically move or copy under certain conditions, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account using your Username and Password.
  2. Click Automation in the left side menu. 
  3. Click New Rule in the top menu.
  4. Complete Step 1 - Rule DefinitionRule Name: create a name for this automation rule.
    1. Rule Name: create a name for this rule.
    2. Type of Rule: choose Move or Copy to make a rule for a file or folder path.
      1. You'll get to choose either Move or Copy in the final step.
  5. Complete Step 2 - Select File or Folder
    1. When Any Path is - Rule will be triggered when any action occurs to a file or in a folder.
    2. When a Specific Path is - Rule will be triggered when an action occurs to a specified file or folder.
      1. Click the Choose Path button and browse to the desired file or folder.
    3. Optional Advanced Filtering (check the checkbox to enable):
      1. With tag - Rule will only be triggered on files that have a specific tag.
      2. With attribute name... and value - Rule will only trigger on files that have a specific attribute and value.
      3. You can only use tags or attributes that currently exist on at least one file in the system, or the rule will be considered invalid.
  6. Complete Step 3 - Add Triggers
    1. Event Based
      1. Event Based Rule Options
        1. Created - Rule is triggered on upload.
        2. Written - Rule is triggered on upload, like Created, but only on files that already exist.
        3. Read - Rule is triggered when the file or folder is downloaded or Opened.
    2. Time Based
      1. Time Based Rule Options
        1. Days After File - Select how many days you want the action to trigger
        2. Creation Date - Rule will trigger when the file/folder is created
        3. Last Modified Date - Rule will trigger when the file/folder is modified
  7. Complete Step 4 - Automated Actions
    1. Select Copy if you want the file(s) to be in both places, otherwise choose Move.
    2. Move or Copy Options
      1. To - Click the Choose Path button and browse to the desired folder.
      2. Check the Apply to subfolders...? checkbox if you want this rule to apply to every subfolder and file in the source directory. It will also make corresponding folders under the destination directory as needed.
    3. Add New Action (optional)
      1. Set an email notification to trigger after rule runs
      2. Click the box below Notify Options - Who? to select a user to alert via email.
        Some users may not receive a notification if they do not have permission to access the path.
      3. Optional: Click the box next to Delay this action? to set how many days/hours/minutes to delay email alerts. 
  8. Click Save Rule

You have now created a Move / Copy rule.

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